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Female Pomeranian Puppies for Sale


Because of their outgoing temperaments, Poms can be very good family dogs with the right training. ​Spritely and intelligent, Pomeranians are easily trained and make for great family pets. (But because of their small stature, they may not be a good fit for families with very young children.) Poms are active, but can be thoroughly exercised with indoor play and short walks, so they’re happy both in the city and the suburbs. They will do well in certain dog sports, like agility and tracking, but at the end of the day, they’ll take comfort in curling up on your lap.

Below you will find examples of our little girls. Oscar was the sire of all of these girls. They have been very active and smart little ones. Several of our girls have been show quality. We are so proud to produce such great little girls.  


Meet Lacey: 

DOB:  12/6/2019 

Birth weight 3.9 oz 

Her mother is Winter and her sire is Zorro.    She has a narrow partial collar and a white tipped tail  I love her four white legs.  

she is also being handled daily and will be around small children.  We strive to raised puppies who love people and are not afraid of them.  Lots of kisses are a must!

She will come to you vaccinated to age, wormed, micro chipped  with a deluxe puppy packet to get her started in her new home.  she will also be registered to you. 

Her Pet Price is $1800 




Enjoy the pictures of some of our past little girls

Speaking very generally about female dogs...

Female dogs are more prone to mood swings. They can be sweet and loving when they're happy – but a bit on the grumpy side if something isn't to their liking. Because they're opinionated, female dogs can be manipulative when they're trying to convince you that they really, really don't want to do something. Now, I'm a proud member of the fairer sex myself, but I must admit that female dogs are experts at The Dirty Look and The Sulk. Okay, guys....I don't even want to hear it, 'k? :-)

Female dogs are often less pushy and "in your face" than male dogs are. Yes, females are affectionate, definitely, but often it's on their own terms. They may request lots of petting, then assert their independence by walking away when they've had enough.