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What food do you suggest?

Many of us are wanting to feed the very best food that money can buy.  I have come across a website and have permission to add this link.  Please enjoy the process of finding the very best food for your dogs that your money can buy.

We feed Royal Canine.  I have also fed Earthborn Holistic and Fromm to all of our adults  Puppies are getting Royal Canine  small dog puppy  food.

How much do your puppies cost?

Generally speaking my puppies run between 2,000 - 3,000.

Why do they cost so much?

You are paying to get a superior puppy.  All efforts have been taken to insure your new family member is healthy and happy.  OFA testing on adults to weed out genetic issues that are hereditary.  Five Star food, NuVet Supplements given.  Lots of attention and long play times for parents and babies.  Pedigrees that you can be proud of.

Where do you live?

We live 35 miles South of Dillon Montana off of Hwy I-15

How can I tell a good breeder from a puppy mill breeder. 

Puppy Mill warning signs!

1. Multiple kinds of breeds are being bred and sold. The No Puppy Mills, VA site says good breeders will stick to one or two breeds.
2. The dogs are kept in small crates with no access to go outside on their own!
3. They breed more than a few litters each year. They breed females during every heat cycle and have several litters every month or so.
4. They don't allow you to see their Kennels where all the adult dogs are kept. Walk away and don't buy!!
5. They want to meet you somewhere, like in a parking lot, to show you the puppies.
6. They tell you the pup hasn’t had its shots, and seem blasé about dog health in general.
7. They don’t seem too concerned about your background or what you intend to do with the puppy.
8. Look at pedigrees and see if the dogs are being inbred. Daughters back to fathers etc!

I am very concerned that you my prospective forever home for a puppy.  Feels safe that we are NOT a puppy mill.  Contact me at any time and I would be happy to Face time with you so that you can see first hand how our dogs are kept and cared for.


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