Medicine Lodge Poms LLC

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Pomeranian Sires

 Medicine Lodge Poms LLC  
The sires that reside here are producing quality puppies.  Of many colors and patterns. 

Parti's, Merles and solid colors


 Medicine Lodge Aspen Parti Boy  TS 24624503  DNA: V759852

Sire:  Windsong's Kahlua & Cream  TS14232201 (8-14)

Dam:  Windsong's Dancing Diva  TS04744202 (01/13)

Born:  Jan. 5, 2015 

Aspen is a favorite here at Medicine Lodge Poms.  He is gentle plus some.  Loves the girls but is NOT pushy and rude.  He loves nothing better than to cuddle in your lap for a bit of love.  

Thank you to Kathy Inman from Windsong Poms for this perfect little man.

OFA Certified Cardiac NORMAL -  2016  Patella's 1,1  Full DNA Embark panel run.  No issues



Windsong's Kahlua &  Cream 



Windsong's Dancing Diva 



Meet Cooper 

Pruden's Perfect Parti "Cooper  TS25559803  DNA: V764304

Born:  Feb. 8, 2015


Thank you again to Darlene of Prudens Poms  He is wonderful!!

This little tri parti boy will be a great asset to my program.  He is shy but such a lover and  what a cutie he is.  I see great potential.   While it is hard to see in this picture. His coat is thick and long.  A nice double coat to pass on. 

OFA Certified Normal Cardiac, Patellas 0,1   2016

Full DNA Embark Panel Run.  No issues



Wild West Tri'n To Outlaw 



Pruden's Rose Blossom Special



Meet MLP Prince Peanut. TS 35978201

Peanut is a beautiful Orange Sable  Who is 1year old in this picture 4.5 pound of love  full grown

A huge thank you to Jan Johnson for allowing me to have this boy

Certified Normal Cardiac 

Patella's 0,1


Full Embark Vet Panel has been completed.


Sire:  Finch's Parti at Night Oscar 



Alexandroff Tiqua on Cloud



Meet  Windsong's Prince Zorro  TS35763603

This little boy is so full of spunk, fun and potential.    He is growing to be a beautiful Blue Merle with tan points 

Thank you Kathy Inman for trusting me with this beautiful boy. 

Certified Normal Cardiac 

Patella's 0,0


Full Embark DNA panel run. 



Windsong's Pride and Joy 



Windsong's Whistling Dixie  



Meet Windsongs Tiny Little Elf 

  I have very high hopes for this boy as a future sire! 


Sire:  Nolands Bark at the Moon TS35653601

DNA:  V896970

He is a complete love with a gentle disposition. 

DOB:  08/29/2018

OFA testing done. 

Heart Normal.  No murmurs 

Patella's are 0,0

Full Embark Panel Run


Thanks to Kathy Inman for trusting me with another of her dogs.  



 Nowland's Bark at the Moon


Arwens Hot Pursuit


Meet Skeeter  at 11 months old

His sire is GCH Picasso from Windsong Poms.  He is here  


Sire:  GCH windsong's Merled Masterpiece - TS30687901

Dam:  Royal Tee's on a quest at Windsong - TS33039803

OFA testing done: 

Heart Normal..No murmurs 

Patella's are a 0,0

Full Embark DNA Panel Run 

Skeeters parents 


 Meet Niquee 

Niquee is from my breeding and has returned to Medicine Lodge Poms. 

MLP "NIQUEE" Designed by Dazzle  TS25646901

Sire:  Finch's Parti at Night Oscar  TS18074001

Dam:  Char's Designed to Dazzle  TS08757801

OFA testing to be done soon 

Full Embark DNA Panel run.  No issues  

Niquee's Parents.