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What Our Customers  Are Saying

Here are some comments from past customers about their little puppies.  Please feel free to read them.  It is so important that you feel confident that you are dealing with an honest, ethical person.  This page is being built, so comments are being added as I receive them.  

Thank you so very much for our little Pomeranian boys "Arlo". With your 10 years of being a quality breeder of Pomeranians and many more owning and loving them before deciding to selectively breed and offer those darling Pom puppies for others to own and care for.  The results are evident that you know what you are doing and you do t so we!  

The Pom puppy "Arlo", we waited for and is now a part of our family is so special to my wife and me.  Our former Pom, named Nikko, was so equally special and will remain in our hearts.  Arlo has brought back the Pom joy to us that was absent for 17 months.  Arlo is so socially well adjusted as the result of your methods and, of course, the help you provided him to get the start in life.  As you ensure for all of your Pom puppies that are born.  Is only part of what makes your Pom puppies special. They respond to your watchful eye amd nurturing compassionate care for as many of their first days of life as needed to ensure their Pom mother has the resources and is doing a good job when they take over.  It is gained a greater appreciation of what you do.  Luckily, if all continues to go well,  a result, you get to see them as they open their little eyes and ears and begin their journey in life!  They start out so tiny and extra fragile.  You have a love for Poms unequal to anyone we have ever known.  Sheree and I feel lucky to have a Pom from you 


We would like others to know how careful we were in selecting Medicine Lodge Pomeranians as a source for our next family member.  We looked  at different places around the country and wanted to be sure of a reputable breeder being our first breeder experience.  Helen is everything she portrays herself to be regarding Medicine Lodge Pomeranians.  Her website, by the same name. Shares her passion love, knowledge, and commitment toward the Pomeranian breed and those Poms she cares for as pets and those she utilizes as Dams and Sires for the puppies she provides to customers that promise to love and care for them as f they were her own. Helen does the Pom breed proud and if you are interested in owning one of her Pom puppies you will not be disappointed.  Just  please be patient since Poms come into cycle only twice a year and Helen breeds for quality not quantity.  We applaud Helen for her philosophies in breeding.  Once Arlo was born and about 5 weeks went by.  Helen was so gracious and welcomed our request to visit her quality care facility when we asked if it were possible to visit our little Pom puppy.  It was a very nice set-up she has, especially the Pom welcoming committee that greeted us upon our arrival!  Periodically, during Arlo's growth Helen posted (check out Medicine Lodge Pomeranian Facebook page and her past videos,  They are awesome). and sent emails to us showing pictures and writing updates on the health and developed of our little Pom buddy Arlo. Helen and her helpful caring husband Paul, live in the perfect location for raising Poms (and cattle, separately and far apart of course) in a beautiful area of Montana.  We heartily recommend Medicine Lodge Pomeranias (especially Helen) for your next family Pomeranian member!

Wade and Sheree Mostoller

​Feb. 2023

This breeder raises calm, sweet puppies that grow up to be very smart and extremely loving dogs. We have had zero problems with our puppy since he arrived,  When we picked him up at the airport he had food, toys and was super calm.  He jumped into my arms and we haven't looked back since.  He's delightful!  He loves to talk (yip at me) on pancake Sunday. (He loves his Sunday morning treat and is not very patient while I'm cooking,). Thank you Helen for giving us a wonderful member of our family!

Kimberly Rogers

May 2022

To Pomeranian Lovers Everywhere, 

While I do not usually give a recommendation, I feel compelled to do this one.  Mrs Helen Hansen raises quality Pomeranians.  She is a caring, concerned breeder who dislikes puppy mills. 

     Her dogs tend to be bred at age of two, and do not get bred on the following heat.  Her dogs are house pets and are retired at five years of age.  She has a "corral"  or very large yard, for the girl dogs and another for the male dogs.  When the expectant mom is two weeks from her due date she is brought to the nursery for quiet and she whelps the new litter.  

    If you can get on the "waiting List"  she will answer all questions from the whelping stage to the birth.  She prefers to keep the puppies until ten weeks of age to  give Helen time to puppy pamper train, teach them their names if you have decided on what to call your new life-long family member before he/she comes to their forever home.  Your puppy will be weaned, sort of house broke and have a micro chip implanted. 

    One blessing is that on the tenth week the puppy gets to sleep alone to reduce the "where's mom" cries most new-born puppies go through.  After your puppy is picked up or shipped to you there will be questions.  Helen is there by phone or email to answer your question about care, feeding and training you new little girl or boy. 

    I helped my friend get a retired female, from Helen.  Our veterinarian had a question about the five year-old.  The vet called Helen and told Helen that her records were excellent and there was not a thing she would advise Helen to change as she was doing an outstand job.   My little girl, Lil' Belle is a treasure and I am glad she is mine 

Judy Stuchell

Client Review

Helen Hanson, Of Medicine Lodge Poms, has a very nice kennel. It is very clean and well maintained. She has the nicest Pomeranians that I have seen. The poms are all well taken care of from the puppies up to the adults. They are all very loving poms. She interacts with every pom she has. Her husband also interacts with the poms.  My husband, Rick, was there to pick up our puppy Smokey, and he was very impressed with her kennel. We will be getting another pom in the future.

Rick and Edna Hartung from Pennsylvania

Client Review

We arrived to meet our little Petal Monet on January 13.  We had purchased her based on pictures and communicating with Helen over several weeks.  We were not to be disappointed!  When we arrived at Medicine Lodge Poms we found a very clean nourishing environment.  It was so obvious that all the dogs are well loved.  We found Petal to be absolutely adorable and ready to roll into hearts and home!  She has slept through night every night.  She is working hard on potty training and the coming to command.  It is so obvious she has been prepared since birth for her forever home with us.  She also prepared us for this precious puppy and she sent us home with supplies, goodies, and information.  Helen Hansen is a top notch breeder who puts her heart and soul into her business.

Joelene and Pat Goodover

Client Review

Helen from Medicine Lodge Poms is the best breeder out there!  She is the sweetest lady. She sent frequent updates with pictures, videos, and a report about my little poms personality.  She addressed any questions I had and she sent me a detailed message of his vet check.  I couldn’t have asked for a better breeder to go to.  She told me about his personality and how he played with the other dogs.  She spends a lot of time with them every day to be able to tell me everything about him.  Anyone would be lucky to get a pom from her.  We got two puppies from her and they are two of the sweetest babies.  She takes super good care of them!  I can tell, she puts all of her heart and love into taking care of all of her dogs.  She breeds for health and quality not just for color.  Best breeder out there! My pom was healthy, well socialized, and good with kids.  

My mom, sister, and I drove up to Helen’s place and we were very impressed with her set up.  All the dogs came to greet us.  They were all so friendly and well taken care of.  It was clean and well organized. She showed us the nursery and it looked very comfortable, clean, and safe for the babies.  I was able to meet the mom of my puppy and see how they interacted together.  These poms are definitely her little children by the way she cares for them.  

Blitz and Sox play together so well and are good with kids.  They were both piddle pad trained and we could tell the moment we brought them home.  They were well socialized and very playful.  They were good with our two older dogs and they are easy to teach tricks to.  Sox learned how to dance, roll over, sit, and lay down within two weeks.  Sox uses his

body to play and wrestle with Blitz.  They’re are both easy going and loveable. We couldn’t have asked for two better poms.

Buying a pom from Helen was the best decision my sister and I ever made.  I would do it all over again because it was the best experience.

Thank you Helen for my sweet little Blitz!

Annie R.

Client Review

I would heartily recommend Helen Hansen and Medicine Lodge Poms to anyone who is looking for a quality Pomeranian puppy.  Her kennels are immaculate and located inside her home,  She has several whole rooms dedicated to her dogs alone.  Her adult dogs are healthy and beautifully kept and they make absolutely gorgeous puppies.  Helen raises her puppies in a homey atmosphere and you can tell all of her dogs are well-loved!   She kept me in the loop from the birth of my puppy to the time I picked him up to come home with me by sending weekly pictures and videos that allowed me to watch my puppy grow and mature.  She genuinely cares about finding her puppies good homes where they will be loved and treasured!  A visit to Medicine Lodge Poms where you will be received graciously and treated like family is heartily recommended.  

Connie Edward

Client Review

The boys say hi! Nicky is now called Teddy and Pumpkin is named Sherman. They weigh 4.2 lbs each and are super spoiled and loved.  

Kris Mazzeo

Client Review

We bought our lovely little Jingles from Medicine Lodge Poms in October 2014. We were very excited to watch Jingles grow over the next ten weeks. Helen was great at providing pictures and updates about Jingles growing and playing with her litter mates. Our Jingles has a great personality and is a well socialize puppy. We would recommend Medicine Lodge Poms, they really do breed top quality dogs, Spring Meadows Kennel.

Melissa Morton Tomahawk Alberta Canada

Client Review

I purchased  a Pomeranian puppy this summer from Medicine Lodge Pomeranians from Dillon MT.  He is a.beautiful, energetic and sweet puppy. I was very fortunate to meet Helen, the owner and she had a puppy still available. I have Poms already but wanted another one so I put a deposit down on my little boy who I now call Niquee (Dominique Noble Speed) and Helen was wonderful about sending me new pictures every week and usually videos also so I could watch my puppy grow. Helen was also readily available to answer all my questions and when it was time for Niquee to come to the Northwest everything was handled.very smoothly and when I saw my puppy for the first time I knew I couldn't have gotten a better Pom. Anyone that has questions about my transactions with this Medicine Lodge Pomeranians feel free to contact me.

Billie Speed

Client Review

Thank you Helen, my puppy is wonderful!  I am so glad I got her from you.  Your breeding operation is wonderful.  All your poms seem quite happy and healthy.  I could tell how much you love them. The yards are nice and big for them to run in and play and where they sleep  is very nice.  Also if all breeders took as good care of their dogs and puppies as you, we would never even know the word puppy mill.  So I am giving the highest recommendation of a 10 to anyone who is looking for a happy healthy puppy.  Medicine Lodge Poms are great you are a very lucky person if Helen sells you a puppy.  They are just so easy going happy fur babies! 

Thanks again for putting pom joy back in my life 

Linda Steeg

Client Review

You have done a wonderful job of socializing her, caring for her and all.  I'm so thankful I found you!  Most of the breeders I was looking at that were closer to home were just "poms for sale" and their responses to my inquiries were "eager sellers"  A few had lower prices than yours, but I'm super glad I chose you...the extra cost...not only of Tiana, but the trip to get her... is well worth it!!!  You care about the puppies and where they are going and that is wonderful!!! 


Anyone looking for a healthy, lovingly cared for puppy will be more than satisfied with Medicine Lodge Poms. I put a deposit down on a puppy in April and picked her up in June. I had her checked by my vet and he said she was one of the healthiest puppies he'd ever seen. She is a delight! Helen brought her up well and communicated with me throughout the time until my little girl was old enough to pick up. I highly recommend Medicine Lodge Poms and their puppies!

Karen Jones

Client Review

Beautiful Poms, Wonderful Kennel, great people,  Highly Recommended

Jeff & Sheri Logan

Client Review

Helen is the best breeder I've ever seen!  Way before my Nikki's mother was conceived, Helen always kept me posted with everything going on and what to expect!  I see a lot of other breeders online, Facebook and other places, but something didn't feel right in me.  I found Helen's beautiful professional website: Medicine Lodge Poms.  Then Nikki was born oh my Lord!  We were so excited!!  Every week she sent me pics and videos til she came home with Helen to my house!  The minute we saw Nikki, it felt like we already knew her by heart.  And my guts were absolutely correct when I met Helen in person, she's soooo nice and sweet! 

Thank you Helen for taking good care of Nikki and raising her!  God Bless you!!! 


Client Review

I would like to tell you that I had a positive and educational experience with Helen at Medicine Lodge Poms.  I  received the most perfect Pomeranian pup from Helen.  Now to be clear, I was not a perfect customer, and had a lot of questions and desires for my new Pom, as I have had 2 other Poms from different breeders over the years.  So, I knew what I wanted in my new Pomeranian.  Helen, was so patient with me and answered all I had to ask for.

Helen was so helpful, and gave me just what I wanted in my new Pom Puppy.  Helen, fulfilled my wishes with my sweet little "Babs" girl.  She worked with my pup, to be very social, and that is what I wanted, so I could bring her to my job everyday.  I could not be happier with my little girl and all the experiences that Helen exposed her to while, I was waiting for her to come home with me.  My little Pom greets everyone in the office, and what a calming device she is for an "Irate" customer, or a co-worker that is having a bad day.  I can't tell you how this little "Pup" lights up everyone's world that comes in contact with her.  She is a "Sweetheart" and Helen is the one to thank for that wonderful disposition and personality in my pup.

Helen's, Dams and Sires are beautiful and very social, Her kennel areas are very well designed, clean and managed.  I had a very nice visit with all the dogs and what a fun time meeting them all along with Helen and her husband Paul, I now call their home "The Pomerania Ranch" outside of Dillon Montana.  Helen didn't miss a beat, as we were not from the Montana area she would send pictures on a regular basis while we were waiting and debating on our little girl.  How excited we would get to receive those pictures every week from Helen.

I also want to tell you how smart my little "Babs" girl is.  I have had very little problems with her and she is easily trained with whatever we challenge her with.  She is a pure delight to have as our added member of the house and office team.  Helen, was so helpful with all the many questions, I had about my pup and purchasing her, and we waited until just the right one came along.  I would highly recommend Helen as a AKC Pomeranian breeder and will continue to support her, in my future Pomeranian pups

Lisa Gourley & Paul Jerominski

Client Review

To those of you who are ready to make a forever commitment to a Pomeranian puppy that will be a ember of your family this review is for you.  Helen Hansen proprietor of Medicine Lodge Pomeranians, is a loving, dedicated, conscientious breeder.  While visiting with Helen at her home I witnessed first hand how well an establishment she has created.  Her sires, dams, and pups are all very well socialized and dare all happy, thriving, playful, friendly Poms.  Helen has her acreage divided and each area is essentially a huge playground for her Poms!  Helen does so much to ready the pups for their new homes, she gets them used to having their nails clipped, having them on their backs, examining their feet, brushing their teeth, this is really a big deal!  It's no fun wrestling with a screaming fur ball to try and clip the nails or bush their teeth when no one has ever done so.  I have two Poms from Helen and I am the world's happiest Pom Mom ever!  I feel that I can call, email, or message Helen with any questions or concerns and she is more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge in raising Poms.  If I had to rate Helen on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best she definitely would receive 5 stars from me!

Paula Gustafson

Client Review

"He is so attentive and smart, he is easy to train.  The best training he had I feel is the training you gave in your home in his first 10 weeks.  He came to us not only knowing his name and how to use a piddle pad, but also a profound trust of people, a love and gentleness with children confidence, and a curious nature.  He startles at noises, but isn't fearful.. He is calm in new situations... but still a little pistol several times a day.  Lol.  People are surprised to hear that he can bark, but doesn't, and that he's not quite two yet.  I could go on and on about all the things I love about Buddy,  Lol love my little boy so much."

Buddies Mommy

Client Review

I brought Luna home to her forever home in mid Oct. 2018.  Luna is beautiful, intelligent, healthy, well socialized and a very lovable baby girl.  I owe it all to the breeder Helen Hansen.  She did all the hard work from the breeding process to raising her little ones to get them ready for their forever homes.  You couldn't ask for a better breeder!  Helen is the real deal.

From day one, Helen answered each and every e-mail, text and phone call in a timely manner.  She kept me updated on the progress of the little one through pictures and videos.  She has so much love and compassion for all the pups that she raises.  The transition from Helen's home to my home went very smoothly.

I highly recommend Medicine Lodge Poms for your future fur baby.  I am so pleased with the whole experience that I had the pleasure of being a part of..


Client Review

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