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Dogs Feel Loss and Sorrow

My sweet little Girl Dazzle lost her first litter. The first little boy was too large for her pelvis. Side note at the time we did not have an emergency clinic or a vet that worked after hours. (this was several years ago) The nearest emergency vet was nearly three hours away. And I knew that she wasn't going to last three hours. So a person does what they must. I finally was able to get ahold of the puppy and managed to pull it myself. This poor little boy had already passed away. It just took too long to deliver him. And Dazzle was determined to help him breath. Now comes baby two a still born pup again. Only not as large. I tried for 20 minutes to get him to breath to no avail. When his heart stopped I knew it was over. Now comes a tiny little girl. Who did breath and Dazzle was besides herself with joy. No dog ever loved a baby like Dazzle loved that little girl. But, sadly

on day three she lost her little girl. We tried everything. Tube feedings. bottle, extra heat....Nothing helped. When this sweet little soul passed away Dazzle came and got us. So upset and wanting us to come help her little girl. I cleaned everything up and took care of the little girl. Two days passed and Dazzle was clearly depressed. I felt so badly for her but there was nothing I could do except hold her and love her. Well on day three one of the young dogs was playing with a squeaky toy. Dazzle's ears went straight up along with her tail. And she ran into the front of the house to find her baby. In a short time she is walking slowly down the hall with her tail down and large tears running down her face. Her heart was broken. I picked her up and began rocking her and we both proceeded to shed many tears. From that day forward Dazzle and I have been bonded and love each other dearly. She slept on my slippers or in my purse for months after losing her babies. Yes she did go on to have other puppies who survived and thrived. But that moment of holding her and rocking her through her sorrow and mine for her. Taught me that while she is a dog. She has deep feeling of love and sorrow. Dazzle is retired now and still my baby. She sleeps with me every night and she will lay her head on my chest and look at me with such love. She went on to become every puppies Auntie, she loves them all and cares for them when moms go out to go potty. Never trying to take a puppy. As soon as mom comes back she hopes out of the basket and gives the babies back to their mother. But while mom is gone. She licked them, cleans them and keeps them warm and safe. I wish more people could learn and become more like my loving Dazzle.

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