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Failing Baby

All breeders face the possibility of a failing puppy. Some breeders choose to let nature take its course. There was a time when I was in the hospital for three days. Leaving a brand new litter at home. My dear, dear husband is a cattle rancher. I told him it was super important to weigh pups twice a day for the time I was gone. Sadly he did't do it. That baby needed to be supplemented as mom really didnt have any milk. So baby was starving. When I got look and I knew my baby was dying. I held the baby all night util she died. Dying of starvation is terrible. I kept her warm and tried tube feeding her. But, it was too late. Hubby and I had a serious conversation the next day. He thought that 2.5 oz baby could wait until I got home. They can't. I supplement as soon as I can tell they are not getting milk from mom. In most cases it will come in. Just give babies a chance.

I have also found that they do much better if I mix their formula with goats milk. It is easily digested.

But in some cases you have to come to grips with something might be wrong with this puppy that can't be seen. Are the larger pups pushing this baby off the teats? There are multifple issues that can happen. I keep babies in the family room where I can check them easily many times a day. There could be a birth defect that you just cant see. Never fear to call your vet for suggestion.

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